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My Favorite Literary Encounters: 2012 PEN Awards for Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence. Leonard Cohen and Chuck Berry.

Apologies for being offline...

Apologies. No new chapter this week, because, well, holidays. Back next weekend with more of The Seventh Wave. Happy holidays to all!

My Favorite Literary Encounters: Milan Kundera

The Seventh Wave: Episode 18

The Seventh Wave, Episode 18: sneak peek

My Favorite Literary Encounters: Gabriel García Márquez

The Seventh Wave: a sneak peek into Episode 17. (The second act begins.)

The Seventh Wave: Episode 17

Passing by the Concert on the Roof

The Seventh Wave: a sneak peek into this week's installment

The Seventh Wave: Episodes 15 and 16

The Seventh Wave: Episode 14: sneak peek!

The Seventh Wave: Episode 14

Games People Play: Christopher Hitchens

The Seventh Wake, Ep. 13. A sneak peek.

The Seventh Wave: Episode 13

Politics, Religion and Literature: India and Pakistan

Movie Nights #1

Sneak peek into Episode 12 of THE SEVENTH WAVE...

The Seventh Wave: Episode 12

My Favorite Literary Encounters: Václav Havel


THE SEVENTH WAVE: Episodes 10 and 11

Moby-Dick: a reading

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THE SEVENTH WAVE: Episodes 8 and 9

The Lender of Time

Ask me (almost) anything: questions from Nick Potts


Le Tourbillon

An occasional series: Ask me (almost) anything...

THE SEVENTH WAVE: new episodes

THE SEVENTH WAVE: Episodes 4,5, and 6

Sneak preview of tomorrow's episode of THE SEVENTH WAVE...

My Favorite Literary Encounters: The Three Musketeers



My Favorite Literary Encounters: Italo Calvino

Exit the Gods

The Seventh Wave

Something for the weekend...

Nicaragua's Tragedy

THE SEVENTH WAVE: An Introduction

A Letter to Auntie Sam

Letters to Uncle (and Auntie) Sam: a preface

My Favorite Literary Encounters: an occasional series

Jean-Paul Belmondo (April 9, 1933- September 6, 2021)

Jantar Mantar, a story: Part Two

Jantar Mantar, a story. Part One.

“Thank God, I'm an Atheist”

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