Jantar Mantar, a story: Part Two

I will capture the heavens, the king said. I will build homes for the stars and then they will be mine. They will not run from me, but be mine for ever more, like caged songbirds. But my star-homes will be the opposites of cages: the stars will look in through open windows, not out through imprisoning bars. If you build the right home, said the king, if the posture and attitude of the edifice is just so, the stars will look in through the windows, and then you will have them. My windows will be my nets. I will catch them in my windows, said the king, and on certain days at certain times they will come and talk to me. They may flee the rest of the earth but we will be joined, the stars and I. I will build palaces for the stars and by doing so I will become their ruler and they will tell me the secrets that only the stars know.

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