The Seventh Wave, Episode 41

Episode 41 BIG MAMA’S FUNERAL, PART TWO. [TREATMENT.] The funeral events held to mark the burial of Big Mama Angela Santangelo are not on the scale that would be normal in a normal time. Among those who are unable to attend because of the limitations of the moment are one of the state’s two Senators, a host of boldface names from New York City’s wealthy élite, an Oscar-worthy list of movie stars along with an Emmy-heavy list of television figures and mega-Grammy winners who performed at the Holy Angel over the years. The Cardinal Archbishop sends his best. The heads of the Five Families send flowers, which is to say flowers are sent by no-name individuals who can never be linked to the said families. The funeral itself is streamed from a respected local funeral home, on its Facebook Live page. An open casket is unfortunately deemed inadvisable. Therefore to the great regret of the few permitted attendees and the many watching on Facebook Live, Big Mama is not able to say farewell to her family and friends in person. The closed golden casket inspires a beautiful sadness.

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